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Посланные эмиссары уговаривали   
10:52pm 29/01/2014
  Пожарное управление среагировало на тревогу; четыре тонны оборудования рухнули в подвал, и от полного разрушения здание спасло только то, что мистер Тесла быстро схватил молоток и уничтожил свою машину».
Осцилляторы Тесла так и не имели коммерческого успеха; его беспроводная система передачи света, информации и энергии (в своей окончательной форме) так и не была реализована; и по причинам, которые трудно понять, Тесла так никогда и не выпустил на рынок свои флуоресцентные лампы.
Чтобы упрочить положение абсолютного лидера в области беспроводной связи, ученый передал Моргану копию стенограммы французского судебного разбирательства, в ходе которого Маркони потерпел поражение.
Это также означало   
08:11pm 29/01/2014
  Ученый не упоминал о возмещении расходов, и в следующем письме упрекнул Перри за его скупой ответ, написав 20 августа 1899 года со своей «экспериментальной станции» в КолорадоСпрингс в Вашингтон: Джентльмены, По случаю позвольте мне использовать свое приобретенное и бесценное право гражданина Соединенных Штатов и выразить глубокое удивление тем, что в столь богатой и просвещенной стране настолько важный орган власти, как управление по работе маяков вместо того, чтобы распоряжаться неограниченными ресурсами, сталкивается с повседневными трудностями и оказывается в столь неловком положении.
О них вообще можно не беспокоиться».
В следующий раз он предоставит более ценную, более полезную информацию.
Мы уже заключили   
05:07pm 29/01/2014
  Одобренный Уильямсом, Эпстайн получил право взять у Милкена первое личное интервью.
По итогам 1985 года Денунцио по достоинству оценил вклад Сигела в фирму, включая арбитражную прибыль, выдав ему премию в 2,1 млн.
Нэгл не представлял, на чем Пикоуэр делает деньги; тот занимал несколько комнат без табличек в одном из безымянных манхэттенских небоскребов.
10:21pm 08/03/2004
mood: tired
Katie inspired me, not that anyone reads this shit.

Anyway. It was damn hot today, ninety I think. I was at school all day, listening to Clint spew on why the girl of his dreams broke up with him...not that she didn't have like three other men, but that's besides the point.

I wish everything in my life, financially, academically, romantically, would just pan out. I'm so sick of dealing with shit that is so trivial in the long run, but so devistating now. He didn't call, oh christ it's the end of the world...NOT SO MUCH! I can't just get over it, or move on.

I want to go home and see my mom, but how depressing is it that when I go there Katie will be gone :(. Maybe Bobby will drive home with me...I'm sure he wants to see his parents, oh and his sister that probably hates me after the bar incident. It's a long story.

Well, that's my post for now, I guess I'll post later :/
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01:15pm 28/02/2003
mood: indescribable
Lost in an eerie mist inside herself
just let go
move forward
Indisposed of lost love
Uneasy, full of pain
a downpour
dampens her heartbroken chest
Solutions rendered unclear
Communication tainted with words
defiance lurched
at another’s stability
The further she travels
The darker her terrene becomes
in a cloud of sorrow
She laughs
She cries
generic lies
batter the truth
Unclear intentions leave her confused
cold stares
and false hope
that one day will be dismissed
Earth to...   
12:38am 05/12/2002
mood: anxious
Haven't posted in a while, haven't really wanted to. Actually the only reason I am right now is because of my complete boredom.

Went out tonight. Not so much fun, shoulda stayed where I was prior to the dud of a party, but nooo I had to be loyal to a semi good friend...I dunno if loyalty is the appropriate word, oh well.

My vacation was bomb. Well, I wanted to go home so badly that I suppose I made it better than it actually was. THe boyfriend issues didn't help much but I guess that's life. striving to maintain a long distance relationship isn't all that dandy and I can pretty much say that we are both doing the best we can...seven months accounts for somethin in my book. I guess I have issues with myselfe and therefore have issues with others and he is sorta feeding off of that and it isn't going how it is supposed too.

School sucks...wait, SCHOOL SUCKS! I'm struggling to keep a B average. I should never have worked at the beginning of the semester. I almost just want to say fuck the whole college thing let me work at a gas station and live off of my parents, but alas I cannot, I have to much hope for myself. I want so badly to do better than the majority of the people in my family...while they do good, they don't do great and most don't have a college education. I just have such high expectations that so many things mean so little.

I guess maybe I should sleep, eh? Got class tomorrow and a time that is considered early for me!
11:33pm 30/09/2002
mood: depressed
This ones for Yuri...

I'm updating, see? All I have to say is life's a bitch and then you die. Oh, and that the opposite sex is overrated. Other than all that...I'm GREAT!! (sarcasm intended)
07:22pm 12/08/2002
mood: thoughtful
One thing that annoys me in life beyond getting over is when people complain about their lives but do nothing, absolutely nothing to better it. If you aren't making enough money where you are working...get a different job; if you don't like where you live, don't be so fucking particular and find a place that you can afford. Life is tough and we don't always get what we want, and while I care about the person that is going through this immensely, I cannot sympathize with him making bad decisions.

Anyway, Aaron wrote a brief entry on a friend passing away in a car accident. Jesus, how sad. When my friend Zach died I didn't know what to do with myself but cry, what else could I do? I was in such shock that a person that young and with so much more to experience in life was taken from Earth because of an "accident". It's such a sad thought to know how many people suffer with the passing away of a child.

So anyway, on to more exciting and happier notes. I have had so much fun this summer and have gone through so many new things that I'm not near ready to leave. I don't want to go back to school, I don't want to leave HD and Katie and my family and all my other friends...especially those of you that I have become closer with this summer. I'm not ready to face the fact that my summer is coming to a close. However, I do want to thank everyone that I hung out with and spent time with for making it exciting :)...so "Thank You!!"
Insecurities always get the best of me   
10:05pm 31/07/2002
mood: worried
Why is it that everytime I feel like everything is in perfect harmony, my world comes crashing down (well that's what it feels like to me anyway)? I swear I make these things up, well not neccessarily make them up, but make them worse than they are. Okay here's the deal: I have never cheated on any boyfriend that I have ever had, sure I've done my fair share of things much worse, but to me, cheating is one of the more serious matters...in my book! Anyway, HD is in Baltimore right now visiting family and seeing old friends ***old girlfriends mind you*** he has made it blantantly clear that if I were to ever cheat on him it would be over, this shows that it is also a large issue to him as well (cheating that is). But I just can't help but be concerned. Don't get me wrong, I really do trust him, but he hasn't called in two days and I don't want him to forget about me.

Enuff of that bull shit. It's only making me feel worse, and you know what...ya'll don't really care. Moving on. WHY WON'T MY GODDAMN COMPUTER LET ME "ACCESS" MY E DRIVE!!?? It really is a curse being a CN. Every little glitch with my computer frusterates me. Well, I'm off to navigate the web...nite!
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12:07am 12/07/2002
mood: tired
WOW, I haven't posted in like...forever. I have been enjoying the bliss of being home, taking advantage of all that I can...It's hard to believe I can even attempt to utilize Novato! I missed everyone so much, but the weird thing is, I haven't seen much of anyone except Katie and her group which I guess is now kinda my group, and Denise...when she isn't working. One thing that I have noticed about myself since I've been home (which also happens to be something I am very happy to have obtained finally) is regardless of the person, unless they're, well, mean...I have pretty much gotten along with them. I have gained friendships with people who I was enemies with all because I didn't really care about the impression I made. I attempted to see life from their view and was successful in doing so, it's awesome!

I have a new boyfriend...we think so much alike it's great, he finishes my thoughts a lot of the time...it's kinda funny. This relationship seems to make sense. I'm so happy being with him, we have conversations that actually have substance and we actually do stuff when we hang out (well most of the time, if we can agree on whose gonna think about what to do). Sure there's a little conflict with random shit, but all relationships have some sort of bickersome issues...at least I think so...but anyway, he makes me happy, and it's been a long time since I have been truely happy with my significant other. Nuff of that eh?

I'm gonna go and talk to people now, just thought I would relay parts of my oh so exciting life to all the LJ junkies out there!
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Random Tid Bits...   
07:44pm 15/05/2002
mood: relieved
If I was a boy, my mom was going to name me Ryan.

Today was my last day of classes! I'm in such a good mood...

I leave on Friday.

Umm, isn't it great that when I get home this Sunday, everyone will be gone? BAH!

I still feel like there's some work that I'm putting off doing :/

Aww...I miss you!
04:50pm 14/05/2002
mood: bored
Okay, this is the most significant thing I have said all year (with the exception of a few things):

12:01am 14/05/2002

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

My life...   
04:39pm 13/05/2002
mood: nervous
Had my Spanish final today...thank the lord that's over. Just Oral Comm and RWS to go...THEN I'M DONE!!

Things I'm going to miss:
1. Internet connection
2. Some of the people I live with
3. Beaches that are actually warm when you get to them.
4. My own phone line
5. No little sister
6. Bonny right down the hall
7. Amy right next door
8. Shannon and Erica in the next building
9. Being able to leave with my mom not worrying
10. Mid night phone calls and no one caring
11. Being able to walk around in my underwear

Things I will NOT miss:
1. School!!
2. The meal plan / food
3. Having to get my ass outta bed at nine
4. My bed
5. My small ass room
6. Not being able to play my music loud
7. Certain people in my suite
8. Finals!
9. None of my friends from home
10. Jealousy of the things that are happening up North
11. Southern California
12. Sharing a bathroom with four girls
13. San Diego attitudes
14. Being financially independant (sorta)

Those are just a few of the things...

I'm nervous!!
Fuck Finals!   
10:55pm 10/05/2002
mood: anxious
Okay, so I was supposed to have my psychology final this morning at ten. I decided that getting up at 9:10 would gimme enought time to get ready. I set the alarm, but forgot to activate it. I woke up at 9:45! I have never hauled ass that fast in my life. The walk to the classroom at an average pace is fifteen minutes in itself. I got there right as she was handing the test out. I had no time to shower or anything, I felt so yucky. Ugh, I did horribly anyway I think.

So I have a final on Monday, two on Wednesday then I go home on Friday...yay...well actually, I go to LA. We are going to Disneyland first, then I'll be home Sunday. Feel free to get in touch with me if you wanna :)
Funny stuff...gotta love boys!   
12:59am 10/05/2002
  Saerithe: Ooohh.
Saerithe: Hey. Did kids in school ever tease you with clever rhymes such as: Jinny, Jinny, has no rib, Jinny Jinny, likes her crib, Jinny Jinny has two metal bars in her spine, Jinny Jinny ain't she fine.
Saerithe: ...?
Jinz177: lol
Jinz177: yes, all the time
Saerithe: Yes.
Saerithe: I thought so.
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07:03pm 09/05/2002
mood: grateful
You know what I find interesting but annoying? The fact that there may be someone you know that you could potentially be great friends with, but either he/she or you didn't give the other the time of day because a common stereotype came in the way and prevented the relationship. I hate knowing that there are so many people out there that I have judged, or that have judged me that could have been such a great companion. Recently, through nonverbal communication, I have found someone who I have so much in common with it's scary. Had we given eachother the time of day, we would have realized that there was so much more to that person than just what was surface structured. This person and I will never be friends on more than an aquintance level because we have already formed opinions of eachother. I'm beginning to see that my opinions were very wrong, but that doesn't mean I can convince this person that their opinion of me is faulty also. It's so irritating because we live so very different lives, but have so much in common.

There have been so many points in my life where I just wanted to bottle myself up from the world. When I just wanted to fall asleep and not wake up. And now that I don't feel that way anymore, I notice it even more among others. I see that I'm not the only one out there that has had these feelins and that if I would have looked a bit harder, and been a little more open, I would have found someone that was willing to listen. But instead, at these times, I baracaded and cacooned myself in my own little isolated world for fear that no one would understand. There are so many people out there that are going throught the same thing. So many people that I never listened to and that I now want to help, but I can't.

I'm so happy with my life and I have been given so much, how can I not be thankful?
Here's the countdown!   
05:36pm 08/05/2002
mood: stressed
School's almost over! 11 days 'till I get home!

Disneyland, here I come!

I think it's so cute when people think they know how to flirt, most of the time they come off all innocent like; but most of the time they're annoying.

I love having a digital camera.

I have been through more shit this year than most experience in a lifetime. I came to school with basically no preconception of how it was going to be. I really had no idea what was gonna happen this year, I got a hell of a lot more than I bargained for. Although, thankfully, most of it has been educational and taught me things that I needed to know.

I only had one and a half classes today, that's exciting, now I just have to study...I had to give an oral presentation in Spanish. One of the girls in my group refused to get together with me and guy who looks at my feet (found out he has a foot fetish) to practice so, of course, she fuckin' messed up on all her lines throwing everyone else off. Very irritating, but we did fine.
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04:17pm 07/05/2002
mood: sad
How is it that one person can make you feel unhappy? Why is it that the wrong insinuation or lacking of words can hurt so bad? And, why is it that when yer in a shitty mood it seems that everything you do is also shitty? Needless to day, I had a crappy day. I had so much stuff on my mind that eventually, it just got fuckin' irritating. Have you ever REALLY wanted to stop thinking about something because the more you think about it, the more analytical you seem to get with that exact situation? Well, that was me. I kept overanalyzing every single aspect of what happened last night, of what was said, and of what wasn't said. I just want to go back to not caring about what people think of me or about who are my friends. But I can't because I care too much.

I don't know that I wanna go home so badly anymore...but I really do!
Oh yes he is!!   
11:43pm 03/05/2002
mood: full
Ladeeda...I didn't spend any of my money tonight...throwing money away, what a great revelation!

You're pathetic, no not you, you!

Benihana was good...mmmm.

Oh geez, guy who looks at my feet came up to my room last night to work on our spanish oral, he wrote the entire thing, oh well. Anyway, Amy, Bonny and I are convinced he's homosexual. He has to be, if he's not it's saying a shit load for the male sex. He uses purple gel pens for christ's sake. He has a white belt with silver stars on it (granted, it is from Famous Stars and Straps), and he sent me a link to a video of a man, very well endowed, playing some piano thing with his genetalia. Obviously he enjoyed it enough to send it to me. Needless to say, I was disgusted.

Hmm, wonder what's up for tonight.